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It goes something like this: I had a database of all my Giles books, along with dates covered and a brief description of the covers. I stored this on my PDA, so that when ferreting around second-hand bookshops or impulse buying on Ebay, I could see which books I was missing.

When I upgraded my PDA to something with a HTML viewer, I decided to update the database by scanning all the covers, just because I thought it would look cute. My ultimate aim was to turn it into a proper website. I'd done about a dozen books before I found a rather marvellous website someone else had done, with a very similar layout. It was considerably better and more complete than I ever intended mine to be.

Despite this - and despite completing my collection of annuals and so making the list redundant - I chose to soldier on and scan the remaining books. I'm quite pleased with it all really.

I'll dig the address out of the better site and put it up here shortly - but I assure you that the similarities are coincidental!

Lots of thanks should go to my family and friends who have spent many years 'keeping an eye out' for Giles annuals for me.
Special thanks go to Phil Crathorne, who bought me two Giles Annuals from a cafe-bookshop in Wales because "Well, they were only a pound each". They turned out to be Series 4 and 5, in a condition which would probably fetch about 100 pounds each on Ebay. I'd heard about this sort of thing happening, but it had never happened to me before ...

How I've arranged the covers

The covers of annuals tended to fall into two categories. There was a "before and after" type, that usually showed a scene at two different times; or there was a "one big scene spread over both sides" type. I've arranged the cover scans so that if it's the former type you should view the left one then the right, but if it's the latter I've arranged it so that they 'join up' (more or less - I don't scan the spines).
It makes sense to me, anyway!

Annuals 1 to 10.

Annuals 11 to 20.

Annuals 21 to 30.

Annuals 31 to 40.

Annuals 41 to 50.

Annuals 51 onwards.

Other Stuff.

Individual cartoons I've scanned.

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