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(Yet Another Slideshow Application)

A fair few of these seem to have cropped up for RISC OS recently, and I'm known for re-inventing the wheel ...

Yassa is actually part of an ongoing project - a computer controlled multimedia-projection-interactive-doodah (insert extra buzzwords here) driven by an Iyonix. Most of it is very tied in to extra hardware (and so not worth releasing to the wider world), but !Yassa has turned into quite a nicely self-contained application. So I'm releasing it as freeware.

Yassa is a slideshow/presentation application designed to both allow the creation of slideshows at the drop of a hat (just dragging a folder full of images is enough), but also has the ability to do more involved stuff if you have the time to prepare well beforehand.

Preparation of presentations or slideshows is done with a simple scripting language, which you store along with the slides. This allows for lots of expansion as I add new features, and means I can get something working without having to write a WIMP-based editor first. Don't worry if this sounds like a lot of messing: the front-end can generate a default script that you can tweak if you wish.

Yassa has the ability to show JPEGs, drawfiles and sprites (the sprite code isn't perfect yet). It can scale them (with or without keeping aspect ratio), centre them, or tile them. It can pause for set periods or wait for keypresses. It can play MP3s (using the AMPlayer module). The user can skip forward or back through slides.
This is more than enough functionality to allow the creation of both rolling demonstrations, and as "Powerpoint"-style presentations.

More Information

Please note that the current version of !Yassa is considered ALPHA. I've got a fair bit working but I still have lots left to do before I'd consider it an official first version. See the todo list (above) for an idea on what I'll be doing and in what order. I've just decided to make available what I've done already in order to get some feedback.


I've developed and tested it on an Iyonix, and briefly tested it on a StrongARM RiscPC with RISC OS 3.7 and 2MB VRAM. It should work on anything RO3.6 or above, with 1MB VRAM but I can't guarantee this. It can be fairly memory hungry - especially if you use it in 32-bit screen depths.


It might set your tie on fire.


Version 0.2.3 (27th September 2005): yassa023.zip (Zip archive) (137K-ish)
Some example presentations ... not done yet.

From 6th July 2005 the latest version of !Yassa can always be obtained via Graham Shaw's RiscPkg packaging project, a project designed to bring stress-free package management to RISC OS.

The Alternatives

Fade, by The Really Small Software Company (Much better than mine at the mo.)
Commercial: !OHP, by Photodesk (available from CJE Micros, I think)
Any others? Please let me know!

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