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1.1 October 1987
1.2 November 1987
1.3 December 1987
1.4 January 1988
1.5 February 1988
1.6 March 1988
1.7 April 1988
1.8 May 1988
1.9 June 1988
1.10 July 1988
1.11 August 1988
1.12 September 1988

News: Archimedes Price Cut
Price drops by £115
News: PC Compatible A310M
Run IBM PC programs on an Archimedes.
Emulator available for all machines at
News : ARC Add Ons From Acorn
Backplane, I/O podule. RAM upgrade, ROM
podule, Hard Disk, Midi add on, A440
News: On-Line Conference System CIX
Run by Magenta Systems, a conference
for ARC users. Phone numbers and comms
News: 1.2 Operating System
New OS on the way. Buzz fix details
News: RS432 Bug(s)
Software as well as a hardware problem?
News: RS432 Connecting Lead - Brainsoft
Disk transfer hardware and software
News: Video Digitiser - Watford
General details
News: LOGO - LogoSoft
A version of LOGO in native ARM mode
News: Wordwise Plus - Computer Concepts
Now working under the emulator,
ugrades for existing users.
News: ARM Second Processor - Acorn
Turn your BBC into an ARC!
News: Programmers Map
An index to the facilities provided by
the ARC OS, a quick reference guide.
SWIs etc
News: Programmers Reference Manual
Available mid November
News: ARM Assembly Language Programming
Book by Peter Cockerell
Review: ARM Assembly Language Book
Published by MTC, by Peter Cockerell.
A guide to ARM assembler programming
Hint: RGB Connector
Using monitor with an EGA cable with
the ARC. EGA pinouts
Hint: Using A Muti-Sync Monitor
*CONFIGUREing the ARC for different
monitor types
Hint: Screendump Modules
Bug fixes for OS 0.2 screendump modules
Hint: Avoiding The Use Of *MOUNT
Using *CONFIGURE NODIR to avoid
mounting the disks
Hint: Bugs With *COPY and 0.2/0.3 OS
The missing prompt
Hint: Attaching a 5.25" Drive
Warnings from Acorn, further tips
Hint: Three Floppies On The Desktop
How to modify the desktop program to
accomodate extra drives
Hint: Fortran77
Warnings for users
Hint: Audio Output
Attaching Tandy stereo speakers to
increase the sound output
Info: Using The Editor As a WP
Can you use the BASIC Editor as a
wordprocessor? BasicEd
Info: BASIC V and Line Numbers
Does BASIC need line numbers?
Info: Altering The Real-Time Clock
How is it done?
Info: Real-Time Clock Running Slow
Why does it seem to within the desktop?
Info: Comms On The ARC
Software under the emulator
Info: *POINTER 2
Why does *POINTER 2 not appear to do
Info: ARC Clock Speed
Why is the clock speed of the ARC
quoted at 4/8MHz?
Info: Podules
How many podules can you fit to the ARC?
Info: 4 Meg Upgrade
Solidisk and adding 4M of memory
Info: TWIN and TWINO
Undocumented keywords for use with the
TWIN editor. TextEditor
Info: Naff RTC Month Error
An error thrown up by the real-time
Info: How to Get The Lid Off
Removing the lid for beginners
Info: Help With BASIC V
Using help with RAMBASIC
Info: LISTO Command Extensions
How the command has been improved on
the ARC
Info: Auto Saving BASIC Programs
The REM in the first line
Info: OFF Keyword
Turning the cursor off
Info: *COPYing With A Single Drive
Making life easier
Info: DIRCOPY Program
Copying files using DIRCOPY from the
welcome disk
Info: Wildcards In The ADFS
How to use them
Info: Menu Button In The Desktop
What happens when you press it
Info: Help On Modules
Using *RMCLEAR, *RMLOAD and *HELP . to
retrieve information on the modules
Info: DIY Memory Upgrades
How to increase memory on a 305 to 1Meg
Info: The *CONFIGURE Command
All about the command and the options
it can set
Info: RS432 Bugs
Corrections to previous articles and
Info: Using The Wimp Manager 1
Tutorial on the AWM part 1
Info: Wordwise Plus Under The Emulator
How does it compare to the BBC version?
Info: Using BBC ROM Images
How to get a RAM image of a ROM, move
it to the ARC, and run it. Which ones
work? Fixes for ViewStore
Info: *HELP Information
Arranged in alphabetical order. Help on
the built in module commands
Info: *HELP On The Debugger Module
List of commands within the module
Demo: One Line Programs
7 small demos
Review: Zarch Game - Superior
Review of the first ARC game
Review: Reading Can Be Fun
HS Software's educational program, an
enhanced version of the BBC product.
Program: Screendump
A self contained BASIC function to
perform a screendump. Size is 4.5" x
Program: A 'Hand' Pointer In ARM Code
ARM code to produce a hand shaped mouse
pointer. *POINTER 2
Program: Mode 7 Screen Load/Save
Save mode 7 screens using only 1k of
disk space and reload them