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1.1 October 1987
1.2 November 1987
1.3 December 1987
1.4 January 1988
1.5 February 1988
1.6 March 1988
1.7 April 1988
1.8 May 1988
1.9 June 1988
1.10 July 1988
1.11 August 1988
1.12 September 1988

News: ARC A440 Series
Available soon
News: Programmers Reference Manual
Available soon in 2 parts
News: PC Emulator Prices Up
MS-DOS emulator price increase to £99
News: 5.25" Disk Interface
Watford Electronics to introduce a
buffered interface
News: Scottish User Group
Two groups interested in the ARC
News: 1.2 OS
Going out at the end of December?
News: PC Podule Dropped?
Hardware for IBM PC MS-DOS software to
be dropped with possible reasons
News: Raw Deal For Early Buyers
Some ways that early purchasers lost
out by not waiting for later versions
of the ARC
News: Continuous Processing ROM
Available on disk as an upgrade from
Norwich Computer Services
News: Inter Series ROMs
Available from Computer Concepts,
upgrades also available
News: ROM Podule
From Computer Concepts
News: ImageWriter WordProcessor
From Clares
News: APL Interpreter
ISO standard APL for free!
News: Acorn Languages, Editor
C, Lisp. Prolog, Pascal, Fortran77,
Kermit. TWIN TextEditor details
News: TubeLink TextEditor
Alternative to TWIN
News: Statistical Software
From Serious Statistical Software
News: Context Computing Programs
Bank Manager, Business Utilities,
Typing Tutor, Easy Reader, Madlibs
News: Resource BBC Conversion Aids
Software to help convert BBC progs, i.e
'BBCrun' plus Versatile Interface
Podule and DROOM educational game
News: Art Package
Arctist from Fairhurst Instruments
News: Drawing Package
Diagram from Pineapple Software
Info: Daft Error Messages
Some of Acorn's finest!
Hint: RAM Upgrades
DIY upgrades to 1 Meg of RAM
Hint: Adding A Second Disk Drive
DIY second 3.5" disk drive
Hint: Anti-Buzz Fix
Details from Acorn on the modifications
required to cure the buzz (addition of
capacitor to IC68)
Hint: Problems With Monitors
Lack of contrast, greenish tinge on
white areas (MultiSync monitors). Fix
Hint: Using ARC on Econet
Problems with connecting an ARC, bugs,
Level 3 server - net utilities
Hint: Control Key Abbreviations
Using  and others. Changing
screen mode, colours in ARTHUR and
VIEW. Issuing VDU codes by key presses
Hint: Special Effects in VIEW
Using control key sequences and *ECHO
for mode and colour changes.
Hint: Special Effects in VIEW
Use of Pageup and Pagedown keys.
Hint: Function Keys In VIEW
Redefining the keys. Using f10-f12.
Hint: *RMTIDY Bug
Only on 0.2 OS
Hint: Undocumented Screen Modes
Mode 21,22,23 for ARC A440 and
MultiSync monitors
Hint: Delete On Keypad
How to get a delete key in the numeric
keypad area
Hint: Function Key Definitions
How to show definitions. Position of
F key 13.
Hint: Diary And Notepad
How to load and save diaries and
notepads from within the desktop
program. Multiple diaries/notepads
What it does and why it is useful. LPT:/
Redirecting program output
Hint: ROMs That Work Under The Emulator
monitor ROM,Inter-Chart. Pokes/Fixes
Info: New Zealand User Group
Details of the group
Hint: BasicEd On 0.2 OS
How to load it
Hint: No Room In RMA Error
Problems with loading a module whilst
BASIC is active
Hint: BASIC V Tips
Tips on the LISTO and CASE commands.
Testing more than one condition at
once without using nested IFs
Hint: Improved Boot File For Wordwise
A better !BOOT file for the Wordwise
Plus disk version. Wordprocessor
Hint: The Whale In Zarch
Zarch game
Info: Fans And The 300 Series
Does it need one?
Info: 300 Series And More Than 1 Meg
Can 300 series machines be expanded
beyond 1 Meg. Can 400 series have more
than 4 Meg
Info: Using The Input/Output Podule
How to do it legally. OSBYTE 150 and
Info: 300 Series And Podules
Can more than two podules be fitted?
Info: Hard Disks And The 400 Series
Corrections to previous info
Info: Hard Disks And The 300 Series
Podule slots used by the hard disk
Info: IBM PC MS-DOS Podule
Info: Third Party Hard Disks
Can they be used?
Info: Archive Technical Help Service
Details of the THS available to Archive
subscribers from Norwich Computer
Info: Desktop Diary
How to put in notes for other than the
current year
Info: Control Key Sequences
Explanations of the syntax used
Info: Assembler Problems
Bugs using EQUS FNname(params)? Program
crashes-memory exception error
Info: *RUNing ARM Code
Problems assembling ARM code from
within BASIC. Error message about links
Info: How Fast Is The ARC
Speed trials. Ackerman function in ARM
Program: Colour Blender
Mouse driven colour blender. Mix a set
of 6 colours from the 4096 available.
Any mode
Review: File Transfer Kit
Move files from a BBC to the ARC.
Brainsoft software and RS432 lead
Info: Comments On Archive Magazine
Feedback from editor of Mac User UK
Info: Using The Wimp Manager 2
Tutorial on the AWM part 2. WIMP poll
routine. Get_Window_Info,Get_Window
_State,Set_Extent routines
Info: RS432 Serial Port
How to connect modems and serial
printers. Pinouts, notes on problems.
From Acorn technical notes. Comms
Info: Screendump
More info on the self contained BASIC
4.5" x 3.5" screendump function.
Explanations and some problems. Using
EVAL and libraries
Review: Minotaur Game
From Minverva Systems
Info: Using The Sound System
Commands available, SWI calls, Sound
Channel Handler, Sound Event Scheduler
Facilities ARC provides for music
Info: Sideways Scrolling With VDU23
A program to demonstrate sideways
scrolling with the VDU23,7 command.
Scroll 4 windows in different directions
Info: Beginners Guide To The ADFS
A tutorial for new users. *FORMAT-*COPY
*BACKUP-*CDIR. Planning directories.
Accessing files. *NAMEDISK
Hint: Catalogue Of A Disk Not Mounted
How to do it. Bugs with 5.25" drive.
Drive Empty error.
Hint: Catalogue Of Other Directories
Seeing what in directories other than
the currently selected one
Hint: 'Not Enough Space' Error
When using *COPY
Hint: Starting BASIC Progs From Desktop
Specifying the language a file will run
Hint: *WIPE In 0.3 OS
Changes to make *WIPE safer
Hint: Using *SETTYPE
Giving files a different identity. List
of valid types. File transfers.
Chaining programs written in different
Uses for with multiple drives
Hint: More About *MOUNT
Using *CONFIGURE NODIR to ensure new
disks are mounted
Program: SWI Lister
Utility to display string names for SWI
calls currently installed.