About Me

I’m a forty-something in the United Kingdom. I live in Burton-on-Trent. It smells a bit.

My wife and I are foster carers, and are very passionate about it. So if ever asked about how many children we have, the answer is “it depends”. We have two by conventional means, another as a long-term placement, and then up to two others at any time. We’ve recently traded-in our family car for a minibus.

I’m a programmer by profession. I don’t like to say “professional programmer” because it makes me giggle. I’m writing the same rotten code as when it was just a hobby – it’s just that now I get paid for it too.

I’ve been in the computer games industry for over twenty years. I used to be really very cynical about it, but I’m doing better these days. I’d tell you about the kind of crap that kicks off during the production of your average child-friendly, film tie-in, Happy-Meal-selling computer game … but I fear you wouldn’t believe me. If anyone wanted to do one of those fly-on-the-wall documentaries about life inside a games-development house, it would have to be shown well after 9pm. And contain dialogue that would make a sailor blush.

I’m really enjoying blogging … though I suspect the only people that read this regularly are my immediate family. They don’t approve of all the swearing.

I’ve recently started to learn the guitar. I’m dreadful … but a great part of being middle-aged is realising that you don’t care what the neighbours think.

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