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This is the vaguely-programmer-related bit of the site. If a project manages to evolve into a state worth releasing (if it was one that held my interest for long enough) then it languishes here.

I have lots of stuff I'd like to put up here, but they're nowhere near fit. I'm actually a programmer by profession (it's a luxury to get paid to do something you enjoy) but the long hours mean I'm normally too knackered to work on something of my own when I've already spent all day doing it.

If it wasn't for the glamour and the money I really don't know why I'd do it ... Oh, and the free toys. And sweets. And pizza. The occasional trip out. The constant stream of new hardware to play with. The decent Internet access. The ice-cream van. The ...

Main Projects

3D Perspective and Transformation Engine
Screenshots and notes on my project to render scenes in virtual worlds, done entirely in software (no use of DirectX, OpenGL or whattever).

"Shiny Happy People" screensaver for RISC OS
My first attempt at a RISC OS 4/5 screensaver app. Based on one of those ludicrously-expensive posters that teenagers buy for their bedroom. You can normally find them in "Athena", in the same rack as the tennis-player-scratching-her-bum poster.
It probably doesn't do a very good job of protecting your monitor against screen-burn - but then, I don't think any modern monitor suffers from this anyway. It's just a program which makes your computer do something nice when it has nothing better to do.
Note that I've only tested it on my Iyonix. It should work on RISC OS 4 fine. I'd be grateful if someone would let me know.
A previous version of this ditty was featured in the yellow pages of Qercus Magazine. Download: shp32_002.arc (SparkFS archive) (83K-ish)

My update-in-progress of John Hedley's excellent !XOR, a WIMP-based version of a classic 8 and 16 bit game. See it all on its own page.

Yassa (Yet Another Slideshow Application) for RISC OS
One or two of these have cropped up for RISC OS recently - and here's mine! Read all about it here.

Some GPS utilities
Two in-progress applications: a waypoint and trail manager, and a live plotter (with zoom, trail recorder, waypoint display, and so on). This now has it's own subpage here!

Clock on my iconbar Binary Clock for the Icon Bar (RISC OS)
Just a dinky application that shows you the time in BCD. A conversation starter, and may help you to become more familiar with binary.
Click here to download clock101.arc (a huge 4.6K SparkFS archive)

Beeb emulator for the PocketPC
My substitute for a Nintendo DS. Read about it here.

Other Embryonic Projects

Here's a list of some of the other projects knocking around on my HD. Some were written as tools to help me with some other task, and some were just little fancies which entertained me for a while before the next whim came along. They're in various degrees of "in-progress". Let me know if you'd be interested in seeing any of it, and perhaps it will encourage me to tart them up and present them for download.

Other Guff

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