This is such a geeky posting I’m almost ashamed. Almost. 🙂

I’ve mentioned before that I grew up messing about with Acorn home computers. For the last twenty years (give or take) I have been collecting Acorn computer magazines – when I was growing up I was never really into football stickers.

Each time I went to a computer show I would check-out the second-hand/junk stall, and grab any surplus magazines. I’d never be too sure which magazines I was missing and which I already had, but my anally-retentive sense of “completeness” would kick-in, and I’d just take them all. Stick ’em all in the loft – worry about weeding out the duplicates later.

Fast-forward to today, and an impending house move. I consider my library of 8-bit geekery and reluctantly think to myself … maybe I could do without the stress of shifting those magazines. And they’re all available as scans now anyway.

I’m worried that if I don’t find a new home for them, they’ll be pulped. I’m pretty-sure that it is a collection that could be of interest to computing museums, or even other geeks who have spouses that are more forgiving than mine. So I put some “free to good home” messages out, and spend a weekend getting the magazines down from the loft and counting them.

It turns out that I have just over 2,000 magazines, spread over a dozen different titles across a twenty-five-year period. In case you’re interested in what such a collection looks like when it is all piled up in the middle of my living room, then wonder no longer (click for larger pics):

(Snotty three year old is only present to show scale, and is not part of the collection.)

Update, 8:30am 1st Dec: A few people have asked about numbers’n’titles. So, this collection consists of:

  • Risc User: 249
  • Eureka: 24
  • Archive: 224
  • Beebug: 149
  • Acorn Publisher: 43
  • Archimedes World: 119
  • Dragon User: 24
  • Acorn Computing: 44
  • Qercus: 9
  • Micro User: 331
  • A & B Computing: 15
  • Disk User: 8
  • Electron User: 12
  • Archimedean: 10
  • Acorn User: 751
  • TOTAL: 2012

… yes, that’s quite a lot of duplicates!

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13 Comments to "Decluttering"

  1. Andy wrote:

    Are your short of any, I’ve got some here!

  2. JGH wrote:

    I see Acorn User and Micro User (including some issues I don’t have). What are the others in the “dozen titles”?

  3. Mark wrote:

    Nice collection! Whilst I never owned an Acorn, my father had amassed quite a collection of TRS-80 magazines over the years. After he passed away and my mother was moving house, I discovered the collection in the roof. I stored them for a few years until I decided that I was holding onto them for no reason other than sentimental value. Like the Acorn magazines, they’re mostly available as scanned copies anyway. In the end I found someone who wanted them, so hopefully they’ve gone to a good home.

  4. John Albert Bullen wrote:

    Great collection and glad to hear you found a home for half of them already 🙂 And .. it’s not that much of a geeky posting. Or I’m too much of a geek to notice 😀

    I’m still interested – although I did see a number of people showing interest who wished to scan and otherwise formally archive the collection and I would defer to any such interested persons.

  5. Simon wrote:


    That’s a lot of magazines.

    25 years = 300 months, so 2000 magazines (with, what, three or four simultaneous titles?) must mean an awful lot of duplicates?

    P.S. s/snotty/adorable/

  6. Rob wrote:

    Keep the mags, sell the kid .. cost you less in the long run 🙂 🙂

  7. Oddbloke wrote:

    Thanks for all your comments! I’ve updated the posting to show actual titles and counts (I didn’t think anyone would be interested – clearly I underestimated the geekiness of the kind of people I socialise with!).

  8. Mike wrote:

    Hi. I hope they will be preserved and scanned as there seems to be little Acorn User on the web. I wish I kept all my magazines now. Ah the days of Acorn Computing in the 80s. So exciting. All those listings. Computers seemed more interesting back then, don’t know why.

  9. Terry Ravenscroft wrote:

    Have you got any Playboys or Penthouses? They’re more my bag?

  10. Oddbloke wrote:

    Not got to that box in the loft yet. 🙂 Got a complete collection of Giles annuals, though. But they’re not going for free … 🙂

  11. Rob wrote:

    Ah, Giles … I used to love reading my dad’s collection, when I was a kid! (So that puts them 1970s or so.. hmm!)

    Playboy? I found one on the bus on the way home from school, once. It lasted me quite some time… 🙂 Kids these days have it too easy.

  12. Andrew Rowland wrote:


    I’m short of Beebug Vol. 12. Have you still got those left? Would help us to complete our scanning and archiving of the mag.

    Can you post (for full reimbursement, of course)? Understand if you’re too busy with the house move coming up… When are you going, by the way?


  13. Oddbloke wrote:

    Hi Andrew! Sorry – I’m afraid all the Beebugs have gone!

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