Rare antique spotted in the wild!

The Honeyz come runnin' when I'm cruisin' in my Sinclair C5.

Spotted this little beauty at lunchtime on my way to Tesco’s. It was padlocked to one of Cambridge’s gazillion bike parks. I unashamedly took some photos and embarrassed my non-geeky friends by shouting “LOOK! IT’S A BLOODY C5!” and attacting the attention of Normal People for miles around.

Kudos to whoever owns it. Your hardcore geekery makes me feel quite inadequate.

Perhaps it was actually Sir Clive’s, and he was in Nando’s having a Peri Peri chicken.

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posted in Diary, Geekery by Oddbloke

1 Comment to "Rare antique spotted in the wild!"

  1. Rob wrote:

    Wow .. Nice spot!

    I presume whoever owned that was actually driving it about too, on real useful journeys, to have had to leave it unattended! But not doing their weekly shop, I’d guess…

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