spamI’ve had Internet access since 1993 (I was one of Demon’s earliest subscribers) – that’s about half of my life ago. So I’m fairly used to spam. I’m a geek with rather too much experience in network security and e-mail transports, so I know how spam spreads and what spammers know about me (very little).

However … There has been a noticeable change in the kind of spam I have received in the last six months or so. Rather less of the Viagra, and more of the weight-loss pills, hair regrowth, energy meds, and (for some reason) cheap sewage-tank cleaning.

This change in spam content is all happening at about the same time as I motor into my thirties: worrying about my weight, noticing my hair loss, and having a big ol’ case of the can’t-be-arsed’s after work every day. I don’t have a sewage-tank, but otherwise they’re scoring rather well.

When I’ve got my rational head on, I know that the spammers don’t know me and it’s all coincidence. But my paranoid head has other ideas …

It all has strange echoes of “audience targeting” – the same reason why stairlifts and life insurance are advertised during Midsomer Murders, and thrush and headache tablets during Loose Women. So I’m wondering … are the spammers living opposite me, and spying on me? How else would they know so much about me and know what spam to send me?

And if they’re not … why is some bloke across the road watching our house with binoculars?

Viagra and sewage-tank cleaning? A combination that makes sense, when given thought. Those spammers get you when you’re cumming AND going …

On the positive side … some of the fake names the spammers are using are becoming quite entertaining. I occasionally enjoy a giggle before I delete them. If there is anyone out there who is genuinely called Fannie Barter, Dirk Hardshlong, or Honey Waffleiron and has tried to e-mail me recently, you may wish to resend. I very nearly deleted an e-mail from someone called Cockyrides (as it seemed to me) last month, before I realised that it was genuine. Ah, those pesky Greeks and their vaguely-rude-sounding surnames …

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posted in Ramblings by Oddbloke

2 Comments to "Spam!"

  1. Andy wrote:

    I had a piece of spam the other day trying to sell me a multi million dollar container ship! WTF?

  2. admin wrote:

    I wonder how they’d send it to you?

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