Daily Mail Free Zone

My journey on the train this morning was lightened considerably by this little gem applied to my window:

Daily Mail Free Zone

For the benefit of the blind, and for search engines, it reads: “Daily Mail Free Zone – Please show consideration for fellow passengers by not reading or leaving copies of the Daily Mail newspaper in this coach”.

My initial reaction was to find the person responsible and either give them money, or to offer my services as a distributor – I’m on at least two trains a day.

This is how it’s going to be, isn’t it? This is how we would do revolution in the United Kingdom. Not with rioting, not with starvation protests, not by military coup … we would do it with sternly-worded letters to the editor, with subtle stickers on our cattle-truck windows, perhaps a Facebook group, and – under direst provocation – the occasional stern tutting. And as long as we can schedule “sticking it to the man” amongst our commute, fag-breaks and a cup of tea, it’s all good.

Update: I have since discovered that it was probably the work of Mark Thomas his 100 works of minor dissent form an introduction to his forthcoming standup tour.

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2 Comments to "Daily Mail Free Zone"

  1. corban wrote:

    good stuff. Daily Mail… using the freedom of speech to try and deny freedom of thought

  2. e wrote:

    “For the benefit of the blind, and for search engines, it reads…” — This is what the IMG ALT attribute is for. 🙂

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