Pyscho-analysis the Facebook way

Oddbloke took a generic-Facebook-personality quiz and got the result: You think Facebook quizzes are all shit.

Just because I see naked women everywhere does not make me a perv. You're the one showing me all the dirty pictures!

Just because I see naked women everywhere does not make me a pervert. You're the one showing me all the dirty pictures.

You are deeply crabby and cynical when it comes to any form of quiz or questionnaire on Facebook. You have zero interest in knowing what Mr Men character you are, the colour of your Aura, or who would be your ideal Hollywood Hunk boyfriend. For you, there is no appeal in having your entire personality analysed and the findings laid bare, all from a dozen vaccuous questions on a social networking site. You are extremely sceptical of any personality test that involves inkblots, comparisons with characters from Channel-4 sitcoms, or word-association; you are unlikely to treat its findings seriously.
These tests are not why you use Facebook. You use Facebook to look at photos of other people in an attempt to remember what this thing called a “social life” is all about, and because a friend who moved to London to pursue an acting career now seems to be friends with about a dozen A-list celebs and this is the nearest you’re ever likely to get to knowing a famous person. You are sad and lonely, but at least you know it.

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