Time to take stock

My “Geeks and Fanboys” post was the 25th on this blog. That’s about 23 more than I suspected I would write when I started.

So … perhaps it is time to look back and see what I have accomplished. What have my 25 posts given to the world?


I suspect that if the server holding this blog were to spontaneously combust, the phrase “nothing of value was lost” would apply here. The challenge I should set myself, then, is to see if I can write something of some genuine creative value before I reach number 50. Don’t hold your breath.

I seem to have settled into about two-postings per week (though I didn’t manage that last week because work has been loopy). The motivation of trying to write on a regular basis has been useful, as has forcing myself to be a bit more observant about any events that may be blogworthy. Though there haven’t been that many. It would seem that other bloggers have more interesting lives than I.

On the plus: creating this blog has made me some new friends, and earned me some very nice feedback from people whom I consider to be “seasoned” bloggers (many thanks to Scaryduck and Misty for their nice comments). I have also been introduced to the dreadful feeling you get when someone in your real-life greets you with “I’ve been reading your blog!”. It is a very disconcerting feeling to walk past someone’s desk at work and see your blog on their screen. This blogging-anonymity thing is a crock.

Phrases you don't want to Google for whilst eating ...

Phrases you don't want to Google for whilst eating ...

I have also been introduced to the seedy world of “filtering out fake comments from Russians who want you to visit their recreational-medication sites” which has been something of an eye-opener. In the same way that a lunchtime-pub conversation on Arctic Pipelines was an eye-opener. It put me off my ice-cream, I don’t mind telling you. Ever had that feeling where you wish you could delete images from your brain?

It was a Feast, too. You know, the nutty one with chocolate in it?

Anyway … please feel free to comment here, as long as you keep your scatological leanings to yourself.

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