Blog? Don’t blog?

Considering I’m a fully-paid-up geek and gadget freak, I’m a bit old fashioned. I have always been slow on the uptake and treat any new-fangled idea or fad with extreme distrust. I never started watching The Simpsons until everyone else was sick to death of it. I watched Firefly after the show had been cancelled. I reckon I’ll start reading Harry Potter books sometime in 2017, long after Daniel Radcliffe has died of an overdose and Emma Watson has shown her brand-new hooters in Playboy.

So for me to start my own blog is as late as you’d expect. It’s lame; everyone else has already done it, got bored, and moved on to Podcasts or filming their bowel-movements for Youtube.

If I keep this up, you won’t be reading anything revolutionary. You will no-doubt read the same self-reverential Bollocks that most other Blogs are. In all likelihood this will die a slow, lingering death. Still: I think it’s worth a shot. I need to practice my creative writing and I can mess with a blog from anywhere.

Not thought of a trendy name for my blog yet, though. And judging by how many bloggers seem to get book deals, I’d do well to get it sorted now. 🙂

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