An actual diary entry!

Here’s something new for me: a blog entry about something that happened recently, as opposed to me just ranting about something that’s bothered me for years. And what enormously important thing happened to me yesterday that warrants such a finger-on-the-pulse entry? Well, I went to see … Lesbian Vampire Killers.

I’d like to write an in-depth, all subtle-subtexts-explored, Barry-Norman/Jonathon-Woss-esque review here. Unfortunately, all I can come up with is “Meh”.

It was just that: “Meh”. A shrug. A flatline. An indifference. It’s better than any of the “Scary Movie” films, but worse than … Howard The Duck.

About the only thing I learnt from this film is that apparently, to be a lesbian means “to stare closely at another woman and move your head slowly around, trying to look sultry”. Clearly all the dirty videos I’ve seen over the years have been WAY off. I feel like I’m in the Matrix, but in reverse. This whole Other World that I’ve known about for years suddenly does not exist!

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posted in Diary by Oddbloke

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