That’s how they bake in Holland …

More tea, vicar?

More tea, vicar?

My wife fed me stew on Sunday. It was very nice – I had two helpings.

Lunchtime yesterday I had a vegetable soup.

Stew leftovers for tea yesterday. Also very nice.

There was a tiny bit left over today – I had it for lunch.

This evening, my wife fed me a large plate of chilli. Veggi chilli, with a lot of lentils.

Quite frankly, I think she has a bit of a cheek to complain. She is at least partly responsible for the outcome. None of this should be a surprise to her – we have been married for over a decade.

So why am I relegated to the sofa, and blogging at two o’clock in the morning?

Actually, it’s the disgusted look on the dog’s face that bothers me the most. Here’s a tip: when the dog won’t share the sofa with you, and would rather spend the night with his nose up his own arse … keep away from any naked flame.

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